>Pippi settles in

>We’ve finally got some good pictures of Pippi at home with us now, and I thought I’d share them. None of them quite does justice to the color of her fur, but they’re close.

Day 1: checking all the perimeters and discovering good windows to look out of. So exciting! —

Day 2: getting some snuggles (her belly’s still shaved from her spaying operation) —

Day 3: sacked out in Dr. V’s study — must have been all that excitement! —

Btw, note the framed X-Files trading cards in the background of that last photo. My roommate from my first two years in grad school bought that for me at a sci fi convention years ago. Hey, why didn’t we think of naming the dog Scully? Oh well.


9 thoughts on “>Pippi settles in

  1. >She and Callie stretch out the same way in a chair. I think they need to meet. Congrats. She is even prettier than the pictures on the rescue site. And she sounds like a terrific dog.

  2. >Pippi is beautiful and looks supremely comfortable on the chair. Ozzie and Goldie are jealous. They only get up on the furniture when we’re out of the house!c

  3. >Hey, she almost looks like a different dog than in the earlier photo I saw… she was so pensive then, but now she’s got that “oh yeahhhh, gettin’ a belly rub on the easy chair” look of pure bliss. Has Bulloch cooked her bacon yet? Congrats to both of you and to the luckiest dog in Rust Belt!!

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