>NOW it’s official

>I finally got my letter from the president saying that the Board of Trustees has approved my tenure and promotion to associate professor.

Woo-hoo! Let the feasting begin!*

Now I’m going to go change my e-mail signature line.

*Bullock and I are talking about a celebration party inspired by medieval feasting — with medieval recipes, but not sit-down. We haven’t decided about forks yet.


31 thoughts on “>NOW it’s official

  1. >First to congratulate you! And it’ll be great to have you, finally, posting under your own name, David Wallace.Seriously, fantastic! Now, the next goal: saving rustbelt university from its president!

  2. >I think I offered congratulations when it was only unofficially official, but let me offer my offically official congratulations now. Just goes to show what being noisy, scolding, or domineering can get you. 🙂

  3. >Congratulations! Excellent news, though not at all unexpected.We got our official, presidential tenure letters yesterday ourselves! But we’re too tired to celebrate right now. Tomorrow we fly across the Pacific. We’ll be doing a celebratory Welsh tour in late June/early July though. Too bad we won’t run into you this summer.You and Bullock’s celebratory medieval dinner sounds fabulous. Congratulations again! And by the way, your Kalamazoo sounds fantastic. Your work’s getting cited! You’re getting known!

  4. >whoo hoo! huzzah! can i get a whut-whut?and are you going to serve that archetypal medieval vegetable, the potato? hey, they sell them at RenFairs, so it’s got to be accurate, right?!congrats again!

  5. >DR VIRAGO FTW!!!!!!!You’re my hero. For the Kazoo post, too. SO many congrats!Enjoy your medieval dinner. These things are worth doing if only to prove that historical reconstruction needn’t involve busty wenches waving turkey legs. :)(Not that I don’t enjoy the occasional Ye Olde Mediaeval Cayke of Funnell, but you know what I mean.)

  6. >Congratulations! Celebrate! Here is how the conversation went when I first found out the trustees had approved my tenure bid and I called home to tell the husband:Me: Great news! I got tenure! Gather the family together and let’s go out and celebrate!Him: I don’t know, we’ve got all this leftover meatloaf in the fridge and we really ought to finish it up…Me: Let’s start over. Great news! I got tenure!After that, it’s all good.

  7. >Mazel tov, Dr. V! I’m still waiting for official notification from the trustees–but unless Alan Dershowitz suddenly decides I’m a threat, I should be fine. 🙂

  8. >Congratulations. It’s great news, especially considering the pres! And I love your feast idea — though to be truly accurate, you’d have to cook in the fireplace, or roast a pig/lamb outside on a spit.

  9. >You’re not going to jelly anything are you? Or stew something in honey? Or make pastry swans? Actually, the swans sound kind of cool.Félicitations! — TJO’D

  10. >Yay! Congratulations!As for the feast (how sad is it that that just made me think of those Snickers commercials with Henry VIII?), I think there should at least be a list of all the various names for carving up different kinds of animals. Mainly because *I* can never remember what they are. I think maybe one sauces a capon, and breaks a goose?

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