>Designer dog

>In the comments to the post below, Karl suggested that if I redesign the blog, then I might want to consider making Pippi part of the design element. Hm. There’s a thought. In fact, maybe I should design the colors to match her. After all, she already matches my home decor:

No, I didn’t get a Brittany to coordinate with my decor. Honest, I didn’t. It just happened that way.


8 thoughts on “>Designer dog

  1. >New Kid, I think you may have hit on my unconscious reason for getting a Brittany — I’ve always wanted to have auburn hair!

  2. >She totally owns that chair, too. Are you even allowed to think about sitting there?She’s got a really sweet face 🙂

  3. >Well, while she’s in it, she owns it, but she doesn’t fuss if we sit in it. She sits everywhere else, too, including in our laps. What’s ours is hers and vice versa. She’s definitely a couch-cuddling dog. We don’t mind. I used to have a cat, so the idea of keeping animals off the furniture is strange to me.

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