>Blog roll updating

>I’ve finally spent some time updating my blog roll. Since I use Blogrolling and have a “Blogroll It!” button on my browser, it’s really easy to add blogs, but I have a tendency not to keep up on cleaning out the defunct and discontinued links.

But while deleting dead links has a kind of satisfaction to it, it’s not nearly as fun as adding new ones. So, if you read this blog — even if you don’t comment here — and you’ve got a blog of your own and it’s not my blog roll, leave me a comment with your URL and I’ll add you. Likewise, if you’ve moved and I haven’t found your new blog, or if there’s something wrong with the way your blog is listed here, let me know.

16 thoughts on “>Blog roll updating

  1. >Hello, Dr. Virago! I’m not sure I’ve ever commented here, but I’m a devoted reader, and I really enjoy your blog.I invite you to read, and add, mine (Literature Should Mean Something in Your Life): meansomething.wordpress.com

  2. >The latest OE Newsletter has apparently confused our blogs together (in the notes to an article on medieval bloggers), so perhaps you should know about my blog, Point of Know Return.I’m not sure if you’ve come across it before, but you can find it here: http://bwhawk.blogspot.com

  3. >Meansomething, Brandon, and Dorabella, your blogs are now all on the blog roll (and I’m not sure why they weren’t in the first place)!Brandon — Is that in Mary Kate Hurley’s article or a different one?

  4. >It’s in the list of various medievalist blogs at the end of Mary Kate Hurley’s article. It looks like an editorial error of some sort–they list my name and blog title, but then the web address for Quod She, as if the two entries were squeezed together in editing.

  5. >That certainly does sound editorial, Brandon, since I know Mary Kate can tell us apart! Maybe I should have some disclaimer alerting your potential readers who’ve been misdirected!

  6. >um, i’m never sure if my blog is actually of general interest (for people who don’t know me irl) … but i’m rather a fan of Quod She and would happily be on your list if coughing in ink (coughinginink.blogspot.com) has any appeal …

  7. >I’d be delighted if you’d add the blog of an intermittent reader of this site and who intermittently writes on academic subjects, even though retirement has decreased his/her interest in academia per se. I’m at http://www.drmetablog.com . Sometimes I poke fun at English department jargon and interests, but I’m sure that you all can handle it. Thanks, Vivian de St. Vrain, aka Dr. Metablog.

  8. >C… – As I gathered from reading just the current front page of your blog, your advisor is the colleague of Bullock’s good friend from grad school (and current collaborator, despite their hetero-disciplinarity), who also happened to go to my undergrad alma mater at the same I did (but we didn’t know each other — er, that’s your advisor’s colleague I’m talking about). So, in honor of the small worldness of it all, I must add you to my blog roll forthwith! And because like your blog, too.Vivian de st. Vrain, this is my first encounter with your blog, but from what I’ve seen it’s hilarious! You’re henceforth a part of the roll!

  9. >oh goodness, i think i got that series of connections … and am now rather curious, too … in any case, thanks for the kind words and the inclusion…

  10. >Long time lurker, first time poster. Though I’ve linked to your posts several times …I blog at The Seacoast of Bohemia (mostly reading. Lots of early modern stuff; lots of Jane Austen lately; sometimes some food or some photos)the link is:bohemianseacoast.blogspot.com

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