>Not looking forward to August

>On the day before I leave for the UK for two weeks of Famous Medieval Author conference, visiting with friends, and whirlwind manuscript consulting, I am getting anxious about what faces me upon my return, one item of which I just learned about 10 minutes ago.

As you read the following August to-do list, keep in mind that our school year begins on the 25th. Thank god I got my syllabuses done at the beginning of the summer (though details need to be fine-tuned).

So here’s what my August will look like:

  • Re-write article due August 15th according to feedback from collection editors — some of which feedback I got orally at Kalamazoo, and have been working on, but most of which I just got about a week ago.
  • Finish academic book (on planes and trains while away) and write review for – gulp! – Speculum (my first ever for them).
  • Read dissertation and prepare for as yet unscheduled August defense. Thank god I’m the outside reader. Note: my first dissertation committee position ever.
  • Read MA thesis and prepare for early-August defense.
  • Correct proofs of article (possibly with stolen time at Famous Author conference if editors won’t give me a 5-day extenstion). I just got the PDF of the proofs 10 minutes ago and they’re due July 25th. I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m still fine-tuning my paper, doing laundry, packing, etc.
  • Prepare for and organize department orientation for non-TA students.
  • Meet with colleague with whom I will be the dramaturge for a 2010 production of medieval drama (he needs to plan the season this far in advance and we have to settle on which plays and what form of text — simply modernized or truly translated).

Oy. Feel for me.

But right now I have to take Pippi for her walkies and get back to getting ready to leave. Expect little to no posting in the next two weeks. Happy July to you all!

4 thoughts on “>Not looking forward to August

  1. >ADM — Oh, I still hope we can meet up in London. There’s only so much work I can do in one day. Besides, the MSS reading room closes at 5. Yes, I’ll probably use the regular collections after that, but a girl’s gotta eat and/or enjoy a nice pint!

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