>Train station blogging — it’s an even smaller world edition

>OK, now I’m blogging from Paddington Station, where I’m sitting around with time on my hands because I was over-anxious in allowing for time between my plane’s arrival and my train’s departure, since the last time I did the plane-to-train thing it took me nearly 4 hours to get from Heathrow to King’s Cross. But of course this time, having planned ahead for all possibilities, I got here to Paddington in nearly record time. Sigh.

But back to the small world of plane trips from Big Rust Belt to London. Not only was Grad School Colleague on the same plane, but she was sitting right in front of me! So we chatted and caught up while waiting for the rest of the passengers to board. And later I noticed that she and I both chose to watch The Devil Wears Prada on the in-seat entertainment system. I have no idea what that says about us except that, obviously, neither of us saw it when it came out.

And then, if that weren’t coincidental enough, who should sit in front of GSC, but Medieval Woman and the Dutchman! Now *that* was a little weird and unexpected, because I can assure you, MW lives *nowhere* near Big Rust Belt. I could not see what MW or TD were watching on their little TVs. MW – care to share? Perhaps your taste is more highbrow than either mine or my GSC’s?

OK, I’m feeling very sleepy now and it would be bad if I fell asleep in Paddington with all my stuff. I think I better get up and walking around a bit.


6 thoughts on “>Train station blogging — it’s an even smaller world edition

  1. >Ooh, how funny —- say hello to Medieval Woman for me!(we haven’t met, but then again, neither have you and I, so it’s all crazy and bloggish. I like that.)

  2. >Ah, but you may recall that Medieval Woman sat in the seat next to me on a flight once! It was, admittedly, a relatively small plane headed toward a conference that we were both attending, but it was a connecting flight, and we were coming from rather different parts of the country. So clearly this is a special gift that she has.If Grad School Colleague is who I’m assuming it is, please tell her I said “hi” when you run into her again at the conference.

  3. >I think maybe I’m the Bermuda Triangle of colleague-plane rendez-vous! it was a cool and fun thing to run into you, Dr V and to meet GSC – I was watching Presumed Innocent before I went into my Ambien-produced stupor. I was so happy the ride was smoothe! I’ll be blogging about all the stuff at the conference – including sitting with you for lunch one day, etc. I’m giving my paper in 40 minutes – wish me luck bloggys!(I’m sorry I hijacked your comments – I’m blogging vicariously!)

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