>Weekend fluffy cuteness

>Because Bardiac requested it and because I haven’t posted since Monday and wanted to put *something* up, here’s the best picture Bullock’s taken of Pippi so far. If you’re a digital photo freak and have your monitor calibrated for truest color, then this picture is the closest we’ve come to capturing Miss Pip’s true color on digital film (although my amateur attempt that now resides permanently in the sidebar isn’t bad). But what I like best about this picture is that he caught her in ears-up attentive mode — I *love* it when she does that.

Bask in her cuteness!

As always, click to “enbiggen” if you wish to see her cuteness up close and personal.


7 thoughts on “>Weekend fluffy cuteness

  1. >I really AM the center of the universe! :)Gosh, Pippi has GREAT eyes, doesn’t she? Some dogs just have those eyes that make you feel the universe. And the ears look like they’re soft and perfect for playing with. What a gorgeous pup!Thanks! Great picture (though I like the one on the chair a bit better for the level of pure relaxation she has).

  2. >Yes, her eyes are amazing aren’t they? This might sound weird, but they remind me of Orangutan eyes. Of course, Orangutans and Pippi have similar coloring, but also, Pippi’s eyse are the most primate-like dog’s eyes I’ve ever seen, and they remind me of the LA Zoo Orangutans I got to know pretty well because of volunteer work I did there.And this picture plus the one you like, the one in the sidebar, pretty much capture Pippi’s two modes: completely ON and completely OFF!

  3. >MW — That’s hilarious! You’re totally right, too — it *does* look like an author picture! When I write some stupid “Wisdom I learned from my dog” book, I’ll put this picture on the cover!

  4. >Isn’t she elegant? And I know just what you mean about those hazel-y dog eyes (C.’s got them too, on account of his being a rednose): they are piercing. Pathetic Fallacy be damned. I look into C.’s face and I do see subjectivity.

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