>And now I’m sick. Great.

>I used to get sick only rarely, back when I was running regularly. The big exception was disastrously getting sick right before the 2007 Boston Marathon and running it anyway, in that nor’easter, and getting sicker as a result. That’s the one case of running hurting my health. Usually running gives me an immune system of steel and I’ve joked about being the only person aside from Keith Richards who will survive the super flu when it comes.

But not any more. In 2008 I’ve run barely 80 miles total, which is equal to about two weeks of mileage when I’m training for a marathon (or not even two weeks — depending on where I am in my training). That’s a big difference. And so it is that I’m sick. It’s just a head cold — started with a sore throat, now consists of congestion and cough — but it’s annoying. The whole world seems distant and hazy and it’s hard to think.

And so it is that I still haven’t posted anything substantive. I do have things to say. Being on the DPC has been interesting, and though obviously I can’t blog anything specific about that, I *can* blog about something more general that it got me thinking about: how the ways in which we imagine our professional selves is sometimes utterly contradicted by the facts of the matter. So that’s a post coming up when I feel better.

But other than that I’ve got bupkis. Any ideas? I’m entertaining suggestions. What would you, the readers, like me to blog about?


9 thoughts on “>And now I’m sick. Great.

  1. >Whoa. When the superflu comes and it’s just you and Keith Richards left, does that mean that you two have to find each other and then repopulate the earth? Now I’m kind of feeling sick for your sake. Chin up! — Tom

  2. >Your blog is fabulous. Just found it recently and have been madly reading retrospectively. Looking forward to the post you described about prof. selves! But hope you feel better in the meantime…

  3. >I have to admit that I’m rather disturbed by the image of Keith Richards and you together, and very glad that you’re likely to be able to outrun him!Hope you feel better quickly!Thanks again for your suggestion of the Lochrie essay! It’s working really well in class to get my students thinking.

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