>Wanna see the rest of my office?

>Long time readers of this blog may recall that I used to have a tiny (7’x’7′) but brightly colored office. I posted pictures of the colors here. It had huge windows that looked onto a leafy courtyard full of 19th century medievalism in the collegiate gothic style. In fact, here are some more pictures:

Note the gargoyle-like heads in at the top of the leaded glass windows in this one:

Now, alas, I have no view. But boy do I have space! I can have *multiple* students meet with me at once (there are two chairs supplied for them) and my books shelves and file cabinet have room to grow. And I can spread my work out on the l-shaped desk. Heck, I can *actually* *work* in my office, instead of just using it to meet with students (or rather, one student at a time in the old office). Check it out:

What you’re not even seeing is the space to the right of the door (from which the first picture was taken), which is *totally* *open* except for the five-drawer lateral file over against the wall. I have *open* space in my office. I’ve never had that before!

And how do you like my clever repurposing of one of my old curtains to get rid of the end- view of the institutional metal bookshelves, eh? (Btw, that’s the rug that brought my whole day together in the old post linked above.) For those of you who like toys and humor in office decor, if you look closely (or “enbiggen”), you’ll see: a toy Manx cat (she moves around); two Monty Python and the Holy Grail figures (in their boxes) surrounding, yes, a wooden grail (hand carved!), and a disco ball hanging under the cabinets above the computer desk. There’s also a picture from Medieval Times, a dragon with a bell around his neck, and a Nunzilla in there somewhere.

I still have to get a high enough step-ladder to hang my beaded chain-swag lamp up above the wicker chair (it’s on the top of the bookshelf now — you can barely see it), but otherwise I’m moved in and unpacked, and I have to say it’s a pretty good place to work. We’ll see what it’s like when the building is hopping, but my office, at least, is within the department main suite (since I’m grad director), so that may help.

15 thoughts on “>Wanna see the rest of my office?

  1. >Oooo, you used to be able to open your windows!And now, the space! Do you guys just have really high ceilings, or is that an artifact of the camera angle?Just so you know, I’m pretty much consumed with jealousy. 😦 Naughty Bardiac!

  2. >Bardiac — yes, the ceilings are high in both the old office and this one. In the old 7×7 office, it was the one thing that kept that office from feeling like a closet. Well, that, and the wall-o-windows (though I almost always had the curtains shut because the windows faced south and the light blinded me).Undine — yes, it so nice to have that table, where we even each pull around to the end if we’re looking at something together.

  3. >That’s, how do the kids say it?, a totally sweet office.Although, in all my (short) career, I’ve never had an office with a window. I’d kill for a window.Well, I did once have a window that looked down into the department office. No sunlight, but I could look to see if I had mail by just standing up from my chair. That was sort of nice.Anyway, the cave quality of windowless offices does get to some people after a while. Maybe you could paint a window onto the wall or get a CD that plays the faint din of campus noise – jocks with frisbees, etc – or something.

  4. >In negotiating for our most recent contract, management suggested we’d have to take on some austerity measures, like, say, sharing offices.I can’t imagine how the union people kept a straight face, since we already do share offices. Nicola shares HIS office with 4 other people (it’s a converted classroom, and by ‘converted’ I mean, there’s 5 desks in it instead of a bunch of chairs and one desk).All this is by way of saying: sweet office, and I’m jealous of your space, even panopticized.

  5. >I am totally envious of a desk that looks like wood. Our standard office furniture is institutional grey. But the desk layout is a U, not just an L. Mind you, the problem with that is that the “standard office configuration” has one bookshelf (I kid you not) with 5 shelves. HUH?

  6. >OMG, you are unpacked and you have vacant linear space on your book shelves.That can only mean one thing:you need to go on a book buying binge!Help support our economy. Buy some books.

  7. >I thought what I always think when I see a room with extra space. Ping-Pong! Which game I at least have real-world experience with, unlike the previously-mentioned Paintball Fantasy. (Apparently not just a male fantasy! Now I shall theorize that mammals just naturally enjoy chasing other mammals around.)The economy, and the book business, need more help than one person can provide, however Awesome. You still should buy books.

  8. >What a lovely office! It gives me idea because mine is a closed space as yours. the only thing is nobody wants to invest in changing the horrible furniture they put inside…..

  9. >Karl — Good god! Now I just feel guilty cooing about my space!No need! I can use the pictures here to petition for a better office: after all, my sense is that RBU and Brooklyn College are comparable institutions….. Not that there are any better offices available, but it might help somehow…

  10. >I love the way you “repurposed” your curtains. Now can you come help me make my cavern in the 1860’s brothel look better? Big U shaped monstrosity with peeling wallpaper and mismatched file cabinets from several era’s! Maybe at New Year’s. PS – niece had a great idea to celebrate family Christmas when all are here right after New Year.

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