>Realization of the day

>If you “friend” your colleagues on Facebook and you take a wee little break to play WordTwist (or enter your FB time-wasting activity of choice) it’s really easy to feel really guilty about not working when they send you a chat message!

OK, now I’m *really* going to get back to work!

3 thoughts on “>Realization of the day

  1. >How did that going back to work thing work for you?My colleagues/”friends” are sending me, by the boatfull, requests to post 25 random comments about my self, after, of course, reading THEIR random comments. A time suck for sure, but I’m learning quite a bit about those colleagues….

  2. >Anon — hee! I’m still alive, but yes, I haven’t been blogging of late, while I have been on FB. But that’s because I haven’t had time for long form interaction — FB is about my speed right now. I promise I’ll come back to blogging, though.

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