>Facebook killed the blogosphere star

>No, not really.

Remember, correlation is not causation. Just because I’m on Facebook pretty regularly does not mean that’s the reason why I have not been blogging as much lately. In fact, the reasons why I’m not blogging as much are the reasons why I’m on Facebook — it fills the electronic conversational gap that my inability to keep up with blogging right now has left.

As for why I haven’t been blogging, that has more to do with my ridiculously poor time management skills this semester. And the reasons for those are something I do want to blog about soon…if only I can find the time! (Oh, the irony.)

But now I have to get ready to go have lunch with a certain very dangerous blogger. And then later I’ll be attending his big talk, followed by dinner.

And tomorrow Bullock and I are off to visit a town with a rockin’ museum to eat some pig’s ear, take in the view from our lakefront hotel, and belatedly celebrate my 40th birthday.

6 thoughts on “>Facebook killed the blogosphere star

  1. >I feel your pain, Dr. V. I had big blog plans for this semester, but Facebook has taken both the time I would normally allot to blogging and the impetus for blogging in the first place. I’m going to try to make some blog appearances between now and K’zoo, if only so I don’t feel out of place attending sessions devoted to academic blogging. 🙂

  2. >So there’s something about FB that is more immediately gratifying than blogging? That is an interesting theme in many blogs lately….Have a good lunch with what I assume is one of the 100 most dangerous profs in America…

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