>Thank you!

>I wanted to thank everyone who commented on the last post, and since I’m a little late in commenting myself (sigh), I thought it was best to elevate it to a post. So, thank you! Yes, it does help to know that what I’m experiencing is common or even “normal.” And it’s even better to know that with a bit of effort I’ll get past this stage.

This is just one of the many ways that blogs are a big help to the academic community. I think there’s perhaps one person in my department who I *might* have been able to talk to about this, and I’m not sure she would have offered any positive advice. In fact, she might have made me feel even more doomed. And I vaguely recall an Inside Higher Ed piece on the same topic getting a lot of those IHE trolls who said, more or less, ‘boo hoo, so get a different job.’

And can I just say that I’m touched that I got 15 comments right away, despite my spotty blogging this semester? (Yay for RSS readers, I assume!)

So thanks, everyone.

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