>I got bupkis

>I haven’t been blogging because, well, I’m boring. I got nothing. Help me out here and give me a topic. What do you want to know about?

Or how about I give you some choices.

  • Would you like me to write about the experience of collaborating on a class design, which is one of the things I’m doing this summer (though the class won’t be taught until Spring 2010)?
  • Or how about the agony of coming up with new research projects now that the book is done?
  • Or should I write a confessional entry about my frustrations with teaching last semester (note: *not* with my student, but with *my* teaching) and the difficulty of speaking to multiple audiences/levels (English-Ed students, English majors interested in grad school, MA students, etc.).
  • Or maybe I should write about my frustrations with our prereq-light system that means students who haven’t taken the Intro to Lit Studies class take classes like my senior level Chaucer class before they’ve even learned how to think about literary texts at the college level (which I suppose is related to point three, above).
  • Or, on a cheerier note, I could write about how Bullock and I have spent last summer and this one rewatching all of Buffy and Angel (half way through the latter) — though I’m not sure I’ve entirely processed my thoughts on that yet.
  • Or, I could write about how I’m not only planning a class for Spring, but have done my syllabuses for the Fall and am trying to plan ahead not to have a maddening year this coming year in terms of prep and grading.

Or, again, you can suggest a topic, though I retain the right to demure if it’s too personal or revealing or I don’t have much to say on the topic.

9 thoughts on “>I got bupkis

  1. >My vote since it's a subject I need to blog about: the two teaching related entries (multiple audiences/prereq "light"–or as my college calls is, "recommended prereqs"–vs. required).

  2. >I am interested in all of these except the Buffy/Angel one. The first one is particularly intriguing to me, but I'm not picky. I'll even read about Buffy/Angel if that's what moves you at the moment. Not much help, eh?

  3. >Agony!!!!!! Always I vote for agony! The agony must be shared!Seriously: new projects — how do you come up with them? how do you know they will be good? Ho do you re-learn "starting" when you have just spent so long at the "finishing" stage that you have forgotten how to tie your own shoes?Any of these work?also: food is good. Anything about food. And pictures of doggie goodness, as well.

  4. >Three or four, for morbid curiosity's sake and selfish reasons, and all that. My class is intended to include the "children in the middle" who can be made into college material with a little scaffolding. For the school schedulers, that means everyone who doesn't fit into honors English already. Hilarity ensues.Also…Grad school I attended had an undergrad program run by folks who thought that prereqs were the man's way of keeping students down, or something. (We'll ignore the ways in which their other decisions effected an absolutely tyrannical state…meh!)

  5. >Well, I'd read your posts on pretty much any of those subjects, so you could always keep the list for later! If I *have* to choose one, I suppose I'd be particularly interested in your thoughts on speaking to different audiences in one class: that's definitely something I struggle with (and have yet to come up with any good ideas!). But I'd love to read about how you come up with research projects, too; it's one of those things that doesn't seem to be discussed all that much, like coming up with a research project should be natural and easy.

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