>You know you’ve been a bad blogger when…

>…Michael Bérubé wonders where you’ve gone and has to post Middle English poetry to get your attention.

Normal blogging will resume, I swear, as I am now fully and officially and totally ON SABBATICAL!! Hooray!! In the meantime, here’s some Bérubé-inspired play-along fun: using “Sumer is icumen in” (see Bérubé’s post) and Ezra Pound’s parody as your inspiration, write a poem in the comments that begins “Sabbatical is icumen in.”


6 thoughts on “>You know you’ve been a bad blogger when…

  1. >Sabbatical is icumen in,Lhude sing te-hee!Sleepeth prof and droppeth offThen writeth busilySing te-hee!The scholar searcheth after bookesCalleth after coffee she,Research stalleth, pleasance calleth,Murie sing te-hee!Te-hee, te-hee, wel thou singes te-hee,Ne swik thu nauer nu.Sing te-hee, we, sing te-hee.Sing te-hee, sing te-hee we!

  2. >Be my guest! I try to have some sexy little something for the first day of every class. Unfortunately, my first day of Bible as Lit is never very sexy — just a micro-lecture. I need to find something…[Capcha word: DITZYOU. Yes, I is!]

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