>You may be a hoarder if…

>…like me, you purchased bulk staples, paper clips, and pencils the year you started graduate school (for me it was 1994) AND STILL HAVE UNUSED ONES. Good god.

Even worse, I forgot where some of these were (shoved into a box labeled “office supplies” in a linen closet in our hallway) and have been mooching off of Bullock since I moved in with him. And all this time I still had one full box of 5000 staples, five 100-count boxes of paper clips, and four 12-count boxes of unused pencils. Also in the mysterious box o’ supplies: a life-time supply of unused “daily schedule” sheets for the 8″x10″ Day Runner I no longer use; a bunch of 3″ or 4″ D-ring binders; some blank composition notebooks; unused letterhead from my graduate program department (WTF, why did that even move with me to RBU???); and, my favorite, 3.5″ floppy disks with with system and program backups for a computer I no longer own.


Updated to add: Oh wait, there’s more. One of the big D-ring binders has my undergraduate institution’s name on it and inside are labeled dividers with labels such as “company info/lit” and “cover letters (copies).” In other words, this was the binder I used to organize my job applications in the Spring of freaking 1991! *headdesk*


5 thoughts on “>You may be a hoarder if…

  1. >I'm actually going through this stuff in my recently-rented flat and trying not to move so much extraneous crap with me next time. A lot of paper has been recycled. This has revealed, among other things I'd forgotten, that I applied for my own data-monkey job in Cambridge five years before I actually walked into it, and didn't get it…

  2. >Hey, hey, it's all good — reduce, reuse, recycle, right?My mom still has a lot of my elementary school binders and folders that she neatly cleans out and re-uses whenever she has a new project. I always hated that, since I would get tired of the "strawberry shortcake trapper keeper" or whatever after one year. It's not hoarding, its thrifty. And no, you may not look at the number of chapsticks I have in my medicine cabinet.

  3. >I have office supplies my dad's company bought. That company closed in the late 80's. And I have a feeling that some of those office supplies weren't of recent purchase, either.

  4. >ps. We have a "free books" shelf, and I've recycled campus binders there. They get picked up and reused that way, so that someone can write on their future-techno-thingy about how they hoard free binders. 🙂

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