Welcome to the new place — make yourselves at home!

So, what do you think so far?

The picture is one of the template ones, but I kind of like it, especially since my avatar is gazing out on water, but also because it reminds me of the “rokkes blake” (black rocks) that Dorigen frets over in Chaucer’s “Franklin’s Tale.”  Plus, I don’t have a picture of my own that really fits the dimensions well.  Eh, I’ll work on it.  This will do for now. (I can also do a background image instead or or in addition to the header image. I think I may be able to change the color of the background, too. I know I can change the text color. [ETA: Yup, I can change the background color. What do you think of the green?  I left the link color the default blue, as it seems to match the blue in the calmer part of the water in the photo.])

All the old posts and comments are here, too (though I cleaned house a little and got rid of some insubstantial, silly stuff from the early days).  For some reason WordPress inserted a > before the beginning of every imported post title and comment, but that way you know for sure what came from the old place.  I’ll keep the old place up, too, especially since people have linked to posts there and it’s not like I’m trying to wipe out the past in starting over here.

One thing that I don’t have now and need to put up is a blogroll.  I’m working on that next.  But since I’ve spent the whole weekend online (setting up this, plus starting a Google+ account, but re-arranging my e-mail, plus catching up on a month’s worth of your blog posts), I think that task will have to wait for now.

I also want to change my dopey category system, but that’s a bigger project, too.

Meanwhile, I like the streamlined look of this new blog, and I don’t want to junk it up too much, but is there anything you think should go in the sidebar that’s not there now?  (Oh, and btw, I think I’ll give Pippi her own *tab*! Just haven’t gotten around to it.) Suggestions welcome.

As I mentioned in my last post at the old place, I do have some substantive posts brewing, and I do intend to get back to regular posting.  I think sabbatical really was boring for blogging, since I don’t write about my research directly.  But I’m starting to think about teaching more often now, which will give me more things to write about, and there are plenty of other issues in my life and profession that I can write about. But also, I have to admit I wasn’t the most productive writer over sabbatical — though I did a lot of research and reading — and I think part of the reason why is that I didn’t have a regular writing habit. I think I may follow Dr. Crazy‘s lead and use blogging to jump-start my writing (though probably not on a daily basis).

16 thoughts on “Welcome to the new place — make yourselves at home!

  1. Great template! Easy to read and navigate. I also moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress in May because Blogger’s issues were getting too numerous and annoying. I hope you enjoy WordPress as much as I do.

  2. Good to see you in your new space. I love wordpress.com – it’s the back-end on my own revitalized blog and easy to use. Looking forward to more Pippi, too!

  3. Welcome to wordpress, sister! And even I don’t write every day…. writing every day takes all the fun out of writing 🙂

  4. Notorious — No need to bring a pie or anything but yourself!

    And everyone, thanks for commenting on the first post (and still having me in your readers!). I’ve set the commenting moderation so that the first time you post it goes into moderation, but after that, you should be pre-approved.

  5. Ah, *there’s* my Gravatar! You all probably thought I was crazy, talking about the thematic link between it and the header photo. Little did I know that changing my admin e-mail address would screw up the Gravatar, too! Much to get used to here in WordPress, but so far I like how much more control you have and the things you can do with it. Plus it has a wider middle column.

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