I need to dream bigger

Last night I had a dream that a more prestigious university in a much bigger and more economically vibrant city called to offer me a job. No search, no campus visit — just an automatic offer of a job. And when I mentioned Bullock, they cheerfully said they’d get in touch with the relevant department and they’d be calling to make *him* an offer. OK, so we’re *definitely* in fantasy dream land, right?

Yeah, except for one thing: the salary the dream school was offering me was a mere $3,000 more a year than I make now, but in a much more expensive city.  And I was still *really* excited about the offer and ready to say “hell yes!” as soon as the offer for Bullock came through. And I was particularly dazzled by the salary! What the what?

Bullock thinks my unconscious was trying to tell me that we have it pretty good here in Rust Belt — that we have “big city” salaries in a small city. (I don’t think he was saying that was necessarily, actually true, but that my unconscious was making that the guiding metaphor.)

You know what I think? I think my unconscious hasn’t looked at my pay stubs in a really long time!


PS — Also, in the dream, we lived in the country and had *three* dogs, including a red colored setter or retriever of some sort and a Bernese Mountain Dog, along with Pippi. We took long walks through woods and fields with them all off-leash and Pippi would sometimes pick fights with the setter/retriever and the sweet, gentle Berner would break it up. And Bullock was wearing Wellies and a barn coat (?!). And I kept thinking, “Where are we going to put all these dogs in the big city?” but I was still excited about the job. Geez, do I have conflicting desires or what? That country fantasy sounds really nice, but so does the big city!

4 thoughts on “I need to dream bigger

  1. It sounds like a fun dream in some ways, one that also lets you off the “Oh, I really wish that were true” hook when you wake up since your waking self can say “can’t do on that pay level!”

    I have to admit that my salary here is very generous but it’s a good thing because there aren’t real employment opportunities for my partner so one income has to do the work of two and it’s only possible in a place where housing costs are somewhat modest.

  2. J, you’re totally right about letting me off the “if only” hook. No way I’d move to a big, expensive city at my current salary or close to it. So I didn’t wake up disappointed, just amused. There *are* places I could be convinced to move to at that level, though, assuming that Bullock was hired away with me. A girl can dream, anyway. 😉

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