A silly post to test post formats

I think the next time someone outside of a university asks me what I do for a living, I’m going to say “Nothing” (and no more than that) and see what happens. Just for fun.

[This post format is called an “aside.” Other than the fact that it doesn’t have category tags, I can’t tell what makes it different from a regular post.  ETA: ah, no title shows, although I gave it one, and there are no comments the comments are only at the bottom, not in a speech bubble at the top. OK, then, I now know what an “Aside” post does.]

5 thoughts on “A silly post to test post formats

  1. Hm, but now looking at the post on Google Reader, it looks like any other post (it even used my title). And since many of my readers come through RSS feeds, I’m not sure there’s a whole lot of point to using this format.

    What do you all think (if you happen to see this comment)?

  2. Your title not only shows up in my NetNewsWire reader but in fact appears at the top of the webpage when I clicked through from NetNewsWire. But then when I clicked on the Quod She header to see the blog at large (or whatever the appropriate term would be), there is no title other than the word “Aside.”

  3. Yeah, I noticed that too after writing the above comments, but thought it too silly to comment yet again on my own post, so thanks for doing it for me! 🙂

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