Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it – my hair!

In less serious blogging subjects…I cut off all my hair.  Well, Ashlynn, my stylist did, anyway, but I asked her to. 🙂

How much hair did I cut off, you ask?  About 12-15 inches, all neatly bundled in a ponytail and waiting to be sent to Locks of Love.  Look!

The deed is done!

My hair before I bagged it up. Doesn't it look weird just lying there? It's like it never belonged to me.

Basically, I went from a brunet version of this (only without professional stylists to make it look that great all the time) —

Taylor Swift

— to a brunet version of this, more or less (which I can keep up by myself):

Jenna Elfman (and no, she's not really naked)

I keep getting Jenna Elfman’s haircuts, but a couple of years after she does.  Once upon a time I had the wavy version of her Dharma and Greg hair:

Jenna's Dharma hair

Perhaps someday I’ll have her new hair cut:

Cute! But I don't think my hair would do that.

But honestly, that must take a lot of work, because I *know* her hair texture is naturally curly like mine and Taylor’s — it’s one reason why her haircuts work on me.

In keeping with my ridiculously thin veil of pseudonymity, here’s my new haircut from the side, where you can’t see my face.  Ashlynn had fun making it really BIG and all sorts of crazy-curly, which looks good in the picture, but I’ll probably shape it with fatter curls when I do it (and it won’t be nearly as big).

Woah! That's a lot of hair!

I can’t tell you how *free* I feel now without all that hippie hair on my head (“hippie hair” is the reason why I used the lyrics from Hair in the post title). God, I was sick of it. I thought for sure it was going to get caught in a car door and kill me, just like Kathy’s hair killed her on Big Love. And it didn’t really look that good. It was nice *hair*, but not a nice hair*cut* on me. Plus, Bullock said growing out my hair to donate it had become like marathon training did for me — something I felt obligated to do, but didn’t really enjoy doing any more — and he’s totally right. And FWIW, he likes it, too — it’s younger and hipper and fresher, he says.

Next step: getting rid of the gray.  I’m going back to Ashlynn next week to get it colored. We’re just going to do an all-over color, nothing fancy, since most of my grey is concentrated in two Susan Sontag-like streaks in front, at the part. I used to — long ago — dye my hair myself with drug store brands (out of boredom, before I need gray coverage), but that’s such a mess. Besides, I’m hoping having a real stylist do it with professional-level products will mean it doesn’t come out all flat or just the wrong color.  We’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted.  (I know you’ll be waiting with ‘bated breath!)

I woke up in a *craptastic* mood today (seriously — I woke up from a dream *crying*), but I feel so much better now. Never underestimate the power of an aesthetic uplift.


11 thoughts on “Flow it, show it, long as God can grow it – my hair!

  1. I want Elfman’s red shirt there!

    And good for you for growing out some Locks of Love. (BTW, to connect this post with the last post, you could cheer up your mood by watching the season premiere of What Not to Wear tonight!)

  2. I have your “before” hair! I’ve thought of chopping for Locks of Love, but I hear they won’t take treated hair, and I’ve been coloring it for years. Your “after” ‘do is very cute. The last time I had my hair that short, I looked like a human q-tip.

  3. Notorious — Yeah, it takes a good haircut, product, and manipulation for me not to look like a human q-tip sometimes, though as I age, my hair has gotten finer, which means it moves more. Also, weirdly, the underneath has always been straighter and smoother than the outer parts, which helps, too. Much shorter than this, though, and I’ve got the q-tip thing going on.

    As for treated hair — only if it’s been bleached (for highlights for example). Colored hair than hasn’t been bleached is OK.

    Sis – Well yes, plus my using Jenna Elfman as a hair model also shows my pop culture roots!

  4. Fencing Bear, if mine were all white like yours, I would. And if the streaks would solidify more — like Stacy London’s — I might. But it’s starting to spread and just makes my hair look kind of dull where it’s spreading.

    But give me another reason to keep it — quickly, though, because I already made an appointment with my stylist — and I might keep it. I *do* like the streaks, at any rate.

  5. Your “after” haircut is still longer than my hair has been since college! Of course, if I had fabulously curly/wavy hair like yours, I’d keep mine longer than I do.

    I can imagine that you feel lighter and freer after the haircut — enjoy! And I hope that the craptastic mood continues to dissolve.

  6. What Now – Actually, I’ve had a variety of short hair cuts, but not all work with my hair type. The current cut is longer than my “Dharma” hair was in grad school or when I had a curly version of this haircut — http://www.flickr.com/photos/25152449@N06/2474962523/ — as a new wave/punk chick in high school (I probably wouldn’t do that again, though, LOL!). I’ve had my hair just about every length except for a buzz cut or a super-short pixie cut. Oh, how I wish I could get a pixie cut like Emma Watson currently sports — but the one time I tried to go that short, it just all stood up on end in one unbroken mass! D’oh!

    ETA: In other words, it’s not because I don’t *want* to go shorter, it’s because I can’t go much shorter without the q-tip result Notorious mentions. (And even slightly shorter requires a *very* skilled stylist who has been working with my hair for a long time.)

  7. Because gray is just as beautiful as brown or blond? My biggest reason to stop coloring was that my hair was falling out. I had no idea how gray (white) I really was until I had let it grow for a few months past the “roots” stage, but what I did know is that coloring was very hard on my hair. Also, it’s expensive. And, once you start, you’re really stuck doing it every few months or your roots show. I started coloring back when I was 32 and somebody in the park assumed, from the back, that I was my 1 year old son’s grandmother. I stopped when I was 40 for the reasons above. I do envy my friends who have not started turning gray, and I tease my husband because he has like 12 gray hairs total and he’s a year older than I am. But since I let my natural color grow out, I have noticed that at least two other women in my department have stopped coloring their hair–and they look fabulous for it!

  8. I think gray *can* be beautiful, but I don’t think mine is, particularly. *But* those are all good reasons (although I can afford the expense and want to keep my neighborhood salon in business! 🙂 ). I used to dye my hair regularly when I was younger out of sheer boredom and experimentation and never had the problems you mentioned, but maybe hair gets more sensitive and vulnerable as you get older or the more you dye it?

    I’ve already made the appointment, but maybe I’ll talk to my stylist about something semi-permanent to start with, just to see.

  9. Hey, can you send me a full frontal shot? (Of your hair, that is…) From what I can see it looks adorable and so darn peppy. I am happy you stuck it out to donate your hairses to Locks o’ Love but I’m also glad you cut it. More than once I wondered “how much does all that hair weigh and does it give her a headache carrying it around all day?”

    I am going to have to start coloring my hair thanks to all the gray Antarctica has given me. I agree that gray and white hair can be beautiful, and I can think of a lot of women (and men… helloooooo Anderson Cooper) who look better with it than with blond or brown hair, etc., but mine is at that stage where it just makes my hair look dull and dirty. As I am poor, I have to stick with DIY hair color, so to speak, but I think the box colors have come a long way since we used them in college. I especially like Garniere Nutriste (I think it’s called that) which seems gentle and fade-resistant. I tried “Violet Vision” back in January when I was on R&R in Christchurch (I chose it mostly because at first I thought the box said “Violent Vision” which intrigued me). It did not turn my hair violet, sadly, but it also didn’t damage it.

    Congrats on your new look!

  10. Hey “Stories” lady – Once I have a collection of good photos, I’m going to post them on G+ (and link to them on FB), but I’ll send along one to you, too. And LOL at “does it give her a headache carrying it around all day?” Yeah, actually, when I wore it up, I sometimes did end up with a dull headache by the end of the day!

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