I need searches for “Dr. Virago” to end up here

OK, since Quod She 1.0 is/was a Blogger blog, and it’s thus owned by Google, it tends to come up in Google searches pretty easily.  Right now, if you search “Dr. Virago” on Google, it comes up very first — hooray! — and my Blogger profile comes up sixth.  But this blog is down at the bottom. (Meanwhile, my LiveJournal profile page comes up on the third page and my Technorati page shows up on page 4, along with mentions of me on other people’s blogs.) Apparently Virago is also the brand of a motorcycle starter system (weird), so a guy incorporating that into his name shows up with me on the first page.  More annoying is that there’s another Dr. Virago blogging (or at least commenting) out there (she shows up on page 2). Since she also considers herself a feminist, someone could, potentially confuse us.  But that Dr. Virago is not this Dr. Virago. Just so you know. Oh, also, there’s Blogger blog called Dr. Virago (instead of Quod She) that shows up on the fourth or fifth page, but it’s in Spanish and I don’t speak or write Spanish, so I’m pretty sure no one will confuse us.

There, do you think I’ve mentioned Dr. Virago enough to push this blog up a little? 🙂

11 thoughts on “I need searches for “Dr. Virago” to end up here

  1. Apparently not. I just ran the search, and your original blog has now slipped to #2 (after one of the motorcycle pages). This blog didn’t show up until the second page.

    Google search rankings are one of the greatest mysteries of the contemporary world. I have no doubt that an entire academic subfield will some day sprout up to study the arcana of 21st-century search results.

  2. Yeah, it also depends on whether or not you have a Google-owned account and are signed into it at the moment — Google tries to give you “personalized” results. Weirdly, signed in as RL me, my Blogger blog was on the first page, but not the first slot, and this blog was on the second or maybe even third page. But not signed in at all I got the results in the post. (I guess that tells me that Google doesn’t know that RL me and Dr. Virago are one and the same! Woot!)

    Well, whatever. I tried.

  3. What you need most is other people to link to you saying “Dr Virago” (instead of Quod She) – incoming links affect google ranking, as I understand it.

  4. Yeah, yeah, I know. I was really just kind of goofing around here. But it does kind of annoy me (not really…I’m being facetious) when people write “Quod She posted about…” or whatever. To what does this “She” refer?! 🙂 And my buddy formerly known as the Pastry Pirate is always mentioning me without linking. Bad bloggy friend! 🙂

  5. You are so much more on top of things than I am. Do you know that I’ve never bothered to see how things google with Dr. Crazy in the wordpress location? And that I haven’t looked at how people get to me through google searches since approximately 2007? This either means that I am radically secure in myself or that I am terribly, terribly lazy.

  6. Added your new site address into my blog links under the Dr. Virago title, so doing what I can to get the search engines buzzing here promptly!

  7. The weird ticks of blogging….There’s confusion over site-naming and person-naming, and quod she is what I need to remember to use in the address bar for history to spit up your blog. I had fully intended to be known as prone to laughter, not dance. Bardiac did it the right way. 🙂

  8. Crazy — No, I was just trying to find more ways to waste time because I was sick of working and couldn’t get the energy up to move my butt from my chair!

    Everyone — It’s all good. Quod She and Dr. Virago both get people here, after all!

    • Oh yeah, Anthea, I’d forgotten that one! But yes, I know of them — they just didn’t turn up in the first few pages of a Google search from here in Rust Belt. But if I were in the UK, they probably would!

  9. Well, your blog is called what it’s called, but I’ve added the Dr V. moniker to the description that floats over the link if one hovers, so Google’s robots should crunch both name and link in the same HTML statement at least.

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