A Monday lunchtime post of fluff

I really wanted to write about my first week back to teaching after a year-long sabbatical, but I haven’t had time. Maybe I’ll write about my first *two* weeks later on this week.

In the meantime, I started playing with Google’s new image search while I was eating lunch and found it highly amusing. Have you tried it? Drag and drop a picture into the search box once you’re on the image search page and see what you find.  Here’s one of the giggle-inducing results I got:

Why yes, I think Pippi looks *just* like Johnny Depp, don't you?

I feel sorry for those non-famous people — they’ve just been called a dog! (Johnny can handle it. He lives on his own island, after all.) But at least they’ve been compared with a pretty dog.

Don’t be too impressed, btw, that Google found another picture of Pippi on the old version of my blog and matched it with the one I entered.  Not only do both URLs have “quodshe” in them, but just before this search, I searched for the very picture that appears on the front page of the old blog, so I think Google was learning.  When I put in pictures of Pippi that I *haven’t* blogged or posted on G+, it couldn’t find the pictures of her that *were* out there.  And in that case, too, it matched her with people, not dogs.

Well, see, that just proves that Pippi is people, too!  That’s the way we think of her around here anyway!

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