We should be more familiar now

Creating new accounts for my blogging self here and there around the internet — for example, at The Chronicle of Higher Education, so I could comment on Tenured Radical‘s posts — has made me realize that Dr. Virago seemingly has no first name.  So I thought I should fix that.  I’ll still *post* as Dr. Virago — I like to be formal in “print” — but you all have now known me for years (or many of you have) and we should be on a first name basis. Plus, I needed one to sign up for the Chronicle commenting if I didn’t want a record out there to associate my real name with Dr. Virago.

So now Dr. Virago has a first name, and it is Eve.

Of course it is.  What else *could* it be?  It’s actually short for Evangeline, which scans better with Virago, but is such a mouthful.  And the full name? Evangeline Marie Virago. Because every baptized Catholic girl should be Something Marie or Something Anne or Mary Something. And because Evangeline Virginia Virago was a just a little too over the top. 🙂


PS —  I like making up names, and the fancier and more old-fashioned, the better.  Bullock and I have scads of imaginary children that I’ve named:  Matilda Louise, Miles Joseph, Oliver Charles, Annabel Jane, and so on.  He put his foot down over Felicity Rose, though.  Really, in real life, I said, “Bullock, what about ‘Felicity Rose’ for one of our imaginary children?” And he said, “No, I don’t like ‘Felicity.’ I have to nix that one.”  “So you’re putting your foot down over the name of an imaginary child?” I asked.  “Yes, yes I am,” he replied firmly. Alrighty then!

9 thoughts on “We should be more familiar now

  1. Ooh, I *do* like some of those names! (But not all — some are too “1950s country singer” for me — that’s one of their sources, they say.)

    Btw, named another imaginary child last night: Fergus William is the name I came up with before bed, but this morning I decided Fergus John would be better. Either way, Gus for short.

  2. Evangeline Marie Virago–lovely!One of the perks of being a novelist is creating names. But when my UK publisher’s marketing team insisted I create a pseudonym for myself for non-crime novels I cringed. I knew they’d pick it apart. It took a while to come up with Emma Campion, which I do like, and I’m surprised by how quickly I’ve grown accustomed to answering to Emma. But my first choice was Emma Tomaszek, a slight variation on my maternal grandmother’s maiden name. Marketing found it too ethnic. I guess I’ll have to write about medieval Poland….

    Fergus John–what a great name!

  3. If only I wrote novels, I could populate them with my names! 🙂 Alas, I wouldn’t know what to make them do — coming up with plots has always escaped me. It’s not a talent I have.

    Btw, Candace, I was just talking about you and your novels to Bullock, yesterday. We were sitting in my study and I was pointing to the rather crowded crime genre shelf, and then I pointed to your novels and said, proudly, “She reads my blog!”

    Feel free to use Fergus John, since I won’t be (except maybe for a dog, and then only Fergus). 🙂

    [Edited to take out extraneous “I” in the first sentence so now it says what I meant — Oh, if only! — and doesn’t sound like I was condescending to novel-writers, which is NOT what I intended!]

  4. Greetings, Eve. Thank you for letting us know your first name.

    When I was a grad student, my adviser shifted to first names right around the time you took exams. Suddenly he was not Professor X, he was David. Fascinating. I miss the sense of intimacy that NOT usually using first names gave to the first name. (If that sentence makes any sense, sorry.)

    And Fergus John is a great name, though my imaginary child is Elizabeth Ann.

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