If you have old Blogrolling script on your blog…

…you might want to get rid of it. Not only does Blogrolling no longer work or exist, but its script can wreak havoc with your whole blog.

In my case, I just realized that Quod She 1.0 was redirecting to a “buy this domain” page.  It didn’t matter if you went to the home page or an individual post’s permalink, all of them redirected.  Taking the old blogrolling code out of my sidebar seems to have fixed the problem.  I may have all of my archives here, but people have linked to or cited the old blog (in print!) and so I’d like those old URLs to remain in place.  It would have been even more annoying if no one could get to my active blog!

So if you used to use Blogrolling to build your blog roll, and if you have left the old blogrolling code lurking in your layout somewhere, I suggest you go in there and delete it.

3 thoughts on “If you have old Blogrolling script on your blog…

  1. Tech-savvy readers can redirect rpc.blogrolling.com to, which eliminates the problem for them.

    Of the blogs I read regularly, only Anastasia had the popup problem. Now, for me, it (she?) doesn’t.

  2. Thanks, Jim (and welcome) — that’s really helpful! Clearly, I’m not as tech-savvy as you, and I know many of my readers aren’t, either, so getting rid of the problem-causing script seemed necessary (especially since Blog Rolling doesn’t even work anymore).

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