So much to do, so little time

Oh god, it’s 11am and I’ve done nothing substantial today but answer e-mails.  I’m in one of those moods where I have so much to do, in such little amount of time, that I’m utterly paralyzed.  I figure that if I write this post quickly and then Step. Away. From. The. Computer., I’ll feel better.

By the end of December (some things sooner than others), I have to:

  • Finish reading two academic books and write a review essay of them.
  • Write and send out three letters of recommendation for students applying to Ph.D. programs, and finish sending out the one I’ve already written. In two of the first three cases, I’m the primary letter writer, so it will take some time to write a bitchin’ letter for these students, which they totally deserve.
  • Make some headway on the literary text editing I’m doing as a co-general editor of a forthcoming anthology.
  • Finish drafting that companion-to article so that I can spend January revising it
  • Write and grade two final exams
  • Grade some final projects and optional revisions of others
  • Calculate and turn in final grades
  • Write a darned profile for the digital humanities workshop I’m attending at MLA and think about what I want to get out of that.

Why isn’t December known as “exploding head month”?  And then, in the first weeks of January I have to:

  • Attend MLA — thank god I’m not doing a paper there
  • Plan my three Spring classes (we start January 9 – ack!)
  • Read another book, the review of which is due at the end of the month (this one should be easier/ It’s an edition of a literary text, so that means reading the intro stuff and sampling the apparatus throughout. Right? Oh, and not writing a Helen Vendler-style review.
  • Get those revisions rolling on the companion-to article
  • Continue with the editing for the anthology and have a phone interview with the team.

You know, I was going to write that post about whether or not tenure removes the incentive to work hard, but I think I’m working too hard to find the time!

And then there’s the personal stuff.  Bullock and I just met with the “stager” who works with our real estate agent, and if we’re going to put our house on the market by mid-January, there is so much we have to do! Ack! Mostly it’s de-cluttering — good thing we have the new house to move stuff to — but some of it is painting and fixing and replacing. And that will cost money.  We also just came to the conclusion that we’re going to have to replace more flooring in the new house than we realized; there were some nasty puppy-pee stains in the bedrroom carpetting (previously hidden by furniture and massive doses of Febreeze) that we didn’t know about. My attempts to clean them with the Resolve pet stain remover only revealed how much chemical stuff had already been fruitlessly applied to them. That carpet has to go.  And the family room carpet may have to go as well, but first we’re going to try to get it professionally cleaned — it’s at least not as old as the bedroom carpet. We may not get new bedroom furniture after all. And there’s other stuff, like getting the locks changed and getting the ball rolling on the renovations we’d planned when we made an offer on this house.

Oh, and Bullock’s birthday is on Saturday. And then there’s this thing called Christmas that our families celebrate and expect us to celebrate with them.  Perhaps you have heard of it.

OK, as I suspected, writing this out has me charged up to tackle it!  Aaaaaaand I’m off!


4 thoughts on “So much to do, so little time

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