Bloggy socializing

I had a visit from Historiann today, who was in the area visiting family, so we arranged a meet-up. What fun! She met me at our new house (yes! we have moved in!) and so got to meet the elusive Bullock and the not so elusive Pippi, too. That also means she is the first person to have seen the new, remodeled house, too, as we’re still unpacking and haven’t yet had a chance to invite local friends over. (Plus Bullock just started his first week as chair of his department, so has had a busy week already.) Historiann brought us a lovely potted zinnia plant — how thoughtful! — which is wonderful, because other than the hanging plants I brought from the old house, I don’t have much of anything flowering around here, since the transition from one house to the other meant I didn’t have the opportunity to put annuals in here.

After some coffee in our new kitchen, Historiann and I headed off to the nearest big park/nature preserve and did some energetic walk-and-talk (how very Aaron Sorkin of us) through leafy forest, keeping out of the heat and sun. Great fun and great company!  I hope we can do this again next time she comes through the area, and maybe by then I will have gotten back in running shape again and we can go for a run together.

Besides spurring me to get running again (well, maybe), Historiann’s visit also has clearly spurred me to get blogging again.  Up next: what happens when you write a very mixed review of a seniors scholar’s work (hint: so far, nothing bad!).

But now, I have to get going, as Bullock just called and said we *finally* have a date and time for the closing on our old house (yes! we sold it!) and it’s three hours from now, and there’s stuff to do before then.


8 thoughts on “Bloggy socializing

  1. How nice, all around! Let us know how it goes settling in to just ONE house to worry about: even with Bullock’s added responsibilities, that should be a delicious sensation.

  2. Is it wrong that I feel left out because I am not getting a visit from H’Ann this summer? NOT FAIR! 🙂

    Congrats on the house closing and on finally being able to settle into the new house! Huzzah!

  3. Given the renovations, the move, selling the house, and all, it’s not surprising it’s been light blogging. I got to see H’Ann too, at a conference, so I guess she’s the world traveler this year.

  4. Dr. Virago–I am SO sorry–tonight is the first time I saw this post! I am not getting trackbacks to my blog. This is so frustrating. I am finally updating my blogroll and was reading all of your recent posts, and then I found this one. So, my apologies for the late acknowledgement!

    I had a great time visiting you and getting to see your new neighborhood again. I think you’ve got a gem of a house, and you’ve done so much work already that it’s even more impressive.

    Part of my problem this summer is that there has just been too much travel on my part. Good and fun, but also kind of discombobulating. Hope the Zinnia is still working out. Remember: cut them for longer life and more blooms!

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