Ridiculous stuff I want

So I was just catching up on old posts at Dude, Where’s My Tardis, and this one made me want stuff, *especially* the “Keep Calm – I’m The Doctor” mug. Or a Tardis cookie jar.  And so it sent me to the ThinkGeek site, since I recalled I have “Geek points” from a previous purchase. And there I saw a whole bunch of unnecessary, ridiculous, geeky stuff I could get for free with my points (well, and a $15 purchase).  They included these decals for the back of your car, a riff on those “family” decals you see everywhere now:

It’s not so much that I’m into zombies (though apparently I already had a “zombies” category on the blog — why??), but I’ve never understood those family decals (seriously, why do I need to know how many kids and pets some strangers have?…I don’t really get bumper stickers,  either), so any subversion of them is pretty delightful to me.

And, of course, there’s plenty more Dr. Who stuff where the mug and the cookie jar came from (though not free-with-point-and-purchase stuff, alas), though unfortunately, the River Song Tardis journal is out of stock. 😦 There’s also lots of non-Doctor geekery, too. I kind of want the “Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Lightswitch,” but Bullock didn’t get that joke last time I pointed it out, so I’m not sure others will, either. Btw, I own the Staple-Free Stapler and it kind of sucks because it only staples up to four pages. It’s a fascinating little gadget, though.

But really, I don’t *need* any of this stuff, and given that we’re still not finished unpacking the stuff we *do* have, I don’t think I need to add to it just yet!

[This post brought to you by writing procrastination.]


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