In other news…

I finally updated my header image here on the blog with pictures *I* took and that mean something to me, to replace the pre-set picture of pretty water god-only-knows-where. I’ve set it to randomly show one of the five pictures I’ve uploaded, so you’ll get something different each time you visit (or, well, until you’ve seen them all). Here’s a bit of information about each picture:

  • The fall trees and leaf-strewn path is from one of the area nature-preserve-like parks here in Rust Belt. These parks — and there are many of them! — are one of my favorite things about this city.
  • The winter scene was taken in the same park and shows our dearly departed Pippi doing that amazing thing that Brittanies do: standing fully erect on her hind legs. Bullock is in the picture, too, but his bipedalism is a little less amazing.
  • The flowers are from Regent’s Park in London, because I love English gardens and London.
  • The pastoral landscape with the pond is in Yorkshire, part of the grounds of stately home there, because I love the English countryside (even planned, artificially “picturesque” parts) and Yorkshire.
  • The “One Way –>” / “Fortune” street sign pair is from a Great Lakes region summer home settlement that I wrote about here. The place does mean something to me, but I like this particular picture because any good medievalist knows that Fortune goes *two* ways: up or down!  (Also, I find it funny that in a community where most of the streets are named after famous American Puritans, there’s a street called Fortune.)

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