I’m “slow blogging”

The spouse of a friend of mine is blogging their family’s short-term ex-pat life in London (it’s a lovely new blog — check it out!), and in only her second post, she admits that she’s been doing a bit of “slow blogging.”  No, really, it’s a thing, she says, because it has a manifesto.  And we all know that if something has a manifesto, then it must be real!   Well, I guess then that slow blogging is what I’ve been doing lately, and I’ve been so slow about it that even when I get linked by IHE (bless their hearts for keeping me in their RSS feed), as I did with the last post, no one’s really paying attention. So, I think that’s a sign that I must either speed things up a bit or else close up shop. I hate to go out with a whimper, so I’ll at least try to do some solid posts before that happens (*if* that happens). So I hope you’ll hear from me a little bit more in the meantime.

2 thoughts on “I’m “slow blogging”

  1. I can only speak for myself here, but I’m perfectly okay with you “slow blogging,” especially if the alternative is “not at all blogging.” I thought the last post was great and would have said as much in the comments if I hadn’t been snowed under in grading jail (grading, I think, is such a powerful force that it requires mixed metaphors).

    Anyway, my point is that, while we’d love to have more of Dr. V., we’ll take whatever Dr. V we can get. You may be a vox clamantis, but you’re certainly not in deserto.

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