Blog housekeeping: of blogrolls and future posts

So, I finally got around to manually creating a blogroll for this blog, creating it mainly from the blogs I have in my RSS reader. But I’m sure I’ve missed many people who read this blog and who have similar academic/personal blogs, because I haven’t updated my RSS reader in a long time. You deserve to be on the blogroll, too! So, if you want to be added, just post a comment with a link to your blog and let me know!

Also, I want to post something substantial and substantive before the school year starts, but I’m a little uninspired. I was thinking about something about MOOCs, though. I think I have something to say that hasn’t quite been said yet. Maybe. But do you all really want to read another post about MOOCs?

ETA: The Blogroll is down there at the bottom of the right-hand column on the home page, btw. So if you click through to this post from your RSS reader, you’ll need to go to the main page to see it.

4 thoughts on “Blog housekeeping: of blogrolls and future posts

  1. I’m a reader of yours and would love for my newish academic-research blog to be added (True Stories Backward, Also, I’d read something more on MOOCs! I’m so burned out on the AHA thing that a MOOC post would be refreshing, especially if it’s something new…

    • I’ve added you to the roll — welcome! And now I’ve got a vote for MOOCs, so I will probably write about that. But now I think I want to write a bit inspired by that awful interview of Reza Aslan on Fox.

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