Woah, I got “Reddited”!

Wait, is “Reddited” a word yet? Well, it is now. What I mean is, I got linked at Reddit. OK, so it was only in linguistics subreddit, but sure enough, it seems the whole point of linking me was to tell me I was wrong. Well, at least it wasn’t one of those parts of Reddit where a person gets called worse things.

Anyway, the joke’s on them, because most of the commenters misread my post entirely. (It was my post about Anglo-Saxons ‘getting’ teaching by using a double accusative for both the subject taught and the person taught.) They thought it was actually a post about linguistics. Sigh. Only one person commenting realized it was really just a pretense — a hook — to talk about teaching. This smart Redditor, shadyturnip, even did me a solid by elevating my musings to a metaphor. Thanks, dude!

Anyway, even though only 6 people commented, thanks to them and the original person who shared it, I got my *highest* number of daily hits (478!) since moving the blog to WordPress. And that was over what was pretty much a throw-away, thinking-off-the-top-of-my-head post.

The internet is a weird place.

3 thoughts on “Woah, I got “Reddited”!

  1. I think that 90% of the purpose is to tell you (that’s the generic “you”): “You’re doing it wrong, and you are stupid and probably dress funny.” So if one out of six got your post, I’d say you’re doing pretty good!

  2. Notorious – Being understood by 1 out of 6 is also pretty much my teaching stats, LOL! (OK, I think they’re actually better than that.)

    J. Otto – In this case, WordPress tells me that 323 hits that day came through the link from Reddit. But whether Redditors are actual human beings or not is another question.

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