Let’s make Audie a star

Our dear, departed Pippi was “internet famous,” so it’s time to make the newest member of our pack, Audie, a big, big star. Here’s how you can help *and* raise funds for Above and Beyond English Setter rescue (her rescue organization)!

You can do so by voting for her in the A&B English Setter Rescue Star Search calendar contest. To vote, you have to make at least a $5 donation, which will then give you 5 votes, which you can use all on Audie or spread the love to some other gorgeous setters. (She’s already in first place thanks to Bullock’s gorgeous photography — let’s keep her there!)

Like a lot of high-energy hunting dogs, setters often end up in shelters when people can’t handle them or they won’t hunt. Other times they end up there, like other dogs, because their people have hit hard times. But such dogs aren’t for everyone. Audie herself ended up in the same Idaho shelter *twice*, and we wonder if the second time was because someone adopted her not realizing just how high her energy was and what a commitment she was, and returned her. (Or she got away — she’s a fence-climber, so we had to train her to an electronic fence.) What Above and Beyond does is pull setters from shelters and other unhappy situations, put them in foster homes for care, training, socialization, assessment, love, attention, and sometimes medical care (so many are heartworm positive!), and then work with adopters to find the right fit of dog and people. They’re even rescuing dogs from overseas where there aren’t shelters and rescues. It costs a lot of money to do all of this — hence the fundraising aspect of the calendar contest.

I understand if you don’t want to or can’t make a donation, but if you can, please do and VOTE FOR AUDIE! Hey, in this election, there are no scary outcomes!
Here’s where to see her picture and bio and to vote: https://www.gogophotocontest.com/abesr2018/entries/85594

And here’s a copy of the picture I submitted, just to add to the lovely photos of Audie on this blog:



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