Blog housekeeping: of blogrolls and future posts

So, I finally got around to manually creating a blogroll for this blog, creating it mainly from the blogs I have in my RSS reader. But I’m sure I’ve missed many people who read this blog and who have similar academic/personal blogs, because I haven’t updated my RSS reader in a long time. You deserve to be on the blogroll, too! So, if you want to be added, just post a comment with a link to your blog and let me know!

Also, I want to post something substantial and substantive before the school year starts, but I’m a little uninspired. I was thinking about something about MOOCs, though. I think I have something to say that hasn’t quite been said yet. Maybe. But do you all really want to read another post about MOOCs?

ETA: The Blogroll is down there at the bottom of the right-hand column on the home page, btw. So if you click through to this post from your RSS reader, you’ll need to go to the main page to see it.

Just about the only thing making me feel good right now

I am writing.  It’s just a synthesis kind of writing — that “companion to” article I blogged about awhile back (I’m too lazy to find the link) — but it’s writing. And it feels good to be doing it again.  I’ve got a couple little meters in the side bar to measure it, which I’ve mentioned, and now I have a cool sticker, too. Sisyphus made it for our writing group and I’m putting it in the sidebar, too. Go look!

Speaking of writing, gotta get to it!

I need searches for “Dr. Virago” to end up here

OK, since Quod She 1.0 is/was a Blogger blog, and it’s thus owned by Google, it tends to come up in Google searches pretty easily.  Right now, if you search “Dr. Virago” on Google, it comes up very first — hooray! — and my Blogger profile comes up sixth.  But this blog is down at the bottom. (Meanwhile, my LiveJournal profile page comes up on the third page and my Technorati page shows up on page 4, along with mentions of me on other people’s blogs.) Apparently Virago is also the brand of a motorcycle starter system (weird), so a guy incorporating that into his name shows up with me on the first page.  More annoying is that there’s another Dr. Virago blogging (or at least commenting) out there (she shows up on page 2). Since she also considers herself a feminist, someone could, potentially confuse us.  But that Dr. Virago is not this Dr. Virago. Just so you know. Oh, also, there’s Blogger blog called Dr. Virago (instead of Quod She) that shows up on the fourth or fifth page, but it’s in Spanish and I don’t speak or write Spanish, so I’m pretty sure no one will confuse us.

There, do you think I’ve mentioned Dr. Virago enough to push this blog up a little? 🙂

Oops! Ignore those 51 updated posts in your RSS feed reader!

If you read Quod She on a feed reader, you don’t really have 52 posts to catch up on.  Only this one is new,a nd I’m posting it to tell you to ignore the following 51. Doing some blog maintenance, I changed and reorganized some categories for those posts, and Google Reader, for one, interpreted them as new posts, I guess. (Or WordPress’s RSS feed sent them out as new.)

Anyway, just ignore them.  That is all

Boring meta-blogging

OK, how come WordPress lets me show up as Dr. Virago on comments on other WordPress blogs, but on Blogger blogs, I’m “quodshe.” It’s driving me nuts that my Blogger comments say “quodshe” because that suggests “quodshe says” and that’s just redundant (and also a conflict in tenses). Why won’t the Open ID sign-in do what WordPress commenting does, and distinguish between blog title and blog author?  Sigh.

>RBOC – Gray winter day edition

>Blogging bullets:

  • You may have noticed that I have no blog roll. That’s because it was a Blogrolling blog roll, and Blogrolling has ceased to exist. That’s a shame, because it was a handy system (though the ads on it in the last year or so of its existence were annoying). But I cut and pasted the blogroll before that happened, and when I get the energy for it, I’ll repost an updated version of it.
  • I’m thinking of changing to WordPress. Those of you who’ve made the move, how hard is it to move the archive of the blog? What do you like/dislike about each platform?
  • I’m also thinking of claiming my blog as service/outreach when I do my 5 year post-tenure review or when I go up for full professor. Any opinions about that?
  • My partner has been known as Bullock on this blog because I named him in our Deadwood-watching phase, during which time he grew a Seth Bullock-style mustache and goatee. But Deadwood is long gone and my man is clean-shaven. Plus, even though “bullock” meant “young bull” in Middle English and that’s one of its meanings today, it also can mean a castrated bull, which is not the association I wish to project for my Bullock. (Though it is kind of a funny pairing with Virago.) But it would be confusing to rename him. I’m thinking maybe of just putting a “cast of characters” in the sidebar and explaining the origins of the name. Any other ideas?
  • I have been remiss in telling Pastry Pirate fans that she has long been blogging elsewhere. First she was in New Zealand, working and exploring, and now she’s working in Antarctica. No, really. I kind of think “Baking in Antarctica” should be the title of the blog, but since it started before her life on the Ice Planet Hoth (as I like to think of it), it’s called Stories That Are True.
  • Hey, cool, I managed to blog more than in 2009. Not exactly an awesome accomplishment, since I was really lame in 2009, but still an improvement. What should I blog about next?

Work/Life bullets:

  • Our Christmas tree is up, all the Christmas shopping is done, and all but one present is wrapped (because it hasn’t arrived yet)! Hooray!
  • On Thursday, I wired the deposit for the studio flat in Belsize Park. It’s non-refundable, so this makes it official. I’m going to be living, however temporarily, in a flat in London! I’ve never lived in a flat in London before! Heck, I’ve never lived in a flat before (American apartments, yes). How cool is that?!
  • The one-week rent for the studio flat in Belsize Park (the amount of the deposit) is just over my one-month rent in my awesome two-bedroom Rust Belt Historical District apartment and only about $175 less than our monthly mortgage payment. I’ll never be able to live full-time in a big, expensive city again — I’ve been too spoiled by the low cost of living here in Rust Belt. But hey, now I can afford 6-week jaunts there! So, I may live in Rust Belt, but I can better afford life in the big city in small doses. This is what I keep telling myself, anyway.
  • OMG, my sabbatical is half over!!! Ack!!!
  • Something I realized at the various holiday parties this week: asking me “So, how’s sabbatical going?” is as crazy-making for me now as “So, how’s the dissertation coming?” was for me once upon a time. Also, faculty on sabbatical don’t want to talk about work issues. Come on, people, surely we can talk about something else!
  • Bullock is grading finals. He just said to me, “It must be Christmas time, because a student just spelled Commerce Clause like Santa Claus.”
  • Bullock and I are going to BullockLand for the holidays (with Pippi). I spent Turkey Week in Cowtown with my side of the family and starting this year we’re alternating where we go for Christmas so that we don’t have to do the crazy-making hurryhurryhurry to get to one place and then the next. That makes my going out to LA to visit Virgo Sis and go to the MLA much less stressful (so does going to MLA just to go). Of course, so does being on sabbatical, because otherwise I’d be doing MLA back-to-back with starting our Spring semester.
  • Speaking of holiday plans, in case I don’t blog again before we leave:

>Blog roll updating

>I’ve finally spent some time updating my blog roll. Since I use Blogrolling and have a “Blogroll It!” button on my browser, it’s really easy to add blogs, but I have a tendency not to keep up on cleaning out the defunct and discontinued links.

But while deleting dead links has a kind of satisfaction to it, it’s not nearly as fun as adding new ones. So, if you read this blog — even if you don’t comment here — and you’ve got a blog of your own and it’s not my blog roll, leave me a comment with your URL and I’ll add you. Likewise, if you’ve moved and I haven’t found your new blog, or if there’s something wrong with the way your blog is listed here, let me know.

>We will resume our regularly schedule programming shortly

>One of my favorite people in the world is coming through town tomorrow for about 24 hours, so I won’t be posting for a few days. And since I haven’t been posting for quite a few days already, it’ll just be more of the same.

In the meantime, I’ll try to think of something substantive and academic to write about. So here’s a question: if a blog post that annoyed the heck out of me is weeks old by the time I get around to posting about it, is it too ‘old news’ for me to post about it? Discuss. (And no, it wasn’t by any of you.)

>New look

>So I followed through on the suggestion to re-design the blog around Pippi, or at least her coloring. I fiddled with the old template for awhile and then decided that it wasn’t working with the new colors. But then I found this template, changed a few things a bit, and added the background picture. I know I don’t work on things ecclesiastical or monastic, but the picture, which I took in the ruins of Battle Abbey, goes so well with the template colors, and I just like its lines. I’ve especially always liked the way vaulted roofs like this look like plants sprouting out of their support columns. And hey, it’s medieval.

What do you think? Any suggestions? I think I might change the post titles to something darker and richer — maybe a dark red. They’re a little washed out now. Done!