>I can has medieval house?

It’s medieval, it’s in a town called Battle for pete’s sake, and it’s only £375,000. (Well hey, it’s a lot cheaper than the Victorian town house next to the Dickens House in Bloomsbury that’s selling for 4 million!) Please, please, can I have it? It’s really cool — look at its listing and check out the pictures.

Update: I can has church? Well, it’s not medieval, but it’s a church! With a spire with rooms in it! OK, in the fantasy world where I can actually afford these things, and where I have a job in freakin’ Battle, England, should I live in a medieval town house or a early 20th century converted Methodist church. Hm. And don’t forget the needs of Bullock (the church has more space for the workshop, I think) and our imaginary children. What a quandary!

PS — In case you were wondering, yes, I was at Battle Abbey today, and walked the grounds of the Battle of Hastings. I saw the house above and snapped that picture, then ended up on the real estate agent’s webpage. I wasn’t actually *looking* for real estate in Battle, despite the fact that I have a last name with Norman origins.

>Pictures of pork


Because I haven’t posted in awhile I thought I’d throw *something* out there for you so you know I’m still alive. I took these pictures above for Bullock because he’s rather obsessed with pork in all its culinary varieties. (Yes, I know there are other meats in the display window. He likes those, too.) They’re from a Yorkshire town called Otley.

Anyway, he responded that the place looked like where the English branch of the Sopranos would hang out. Te-hee.

Happy Independence Day!