>Pants Off Dance Off!

>As some of you already know, one of my favorite words in the English language is “pants.” So when Unfogged linked to something called Pants Off Dance Off, I just had to go take a look.

My eyes! My eyes! They’re burrrrrrrrrning!

Go see for yourself. No words can do it justice.

[For the Cliopatra readers — and others — coming here for a K’zoo update, I swear I’ll post one. I also swear I’m not always this silly. Only sometimes.]

7 thoughts on “>Pants Off Dance Off!

  1. >To be completely fair, most of us either have been or will be an appreciative audience to at least a few seconds of, um, unaesthetic strip tease. Pants Off Dance Off may be my new anti-intimidation meditation. Just think how much more effective than Picture Them In Their Underwear it would be! If vaguely sick-making, of course.

  2. >I just passed Fuse, across from Penn Station, where they were announcing Pants Off Dance Off on Tuesday nights. Could that be why the one I tried to watch had a Joisey accent?Can’t even imagine that live.

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