>K’zoo blogger meet-up update

>Moving this to the top and keeping it here until I leave for K’zoo so everyone sees it. Tonight (Tuesday) I’ll send an e-mail to everyone who said they hope to show up and I will include a picture of me in it. (I’m too lazy to sort out the people who know what I look like, so everyone will get one.) If you don’t have an e-mail address on your blog somewhere, drop me a gmail: drvirago2 (you know the rest).

Updated Post:

OK, by my count 18 people have said that they could make a breakfast meeting on Friday morning of the conference (May 11). That *might* be a little big for this place, but since not everyone will show up at once, and some people might duck out early, and some people might oversleep, it could still work. (Follow the link to that place; for some weird reason I don’t want to spell it out to make a text search easy.) Plus, it has the virtues of being accessible to those without cars and not so overwhelming to negotiate as the cafeteria would be. Oh, and there’s better coffee. (And for those of you who already bought breakfast tickets, you could always eat some real food there first and then join us for coffee.)

I thought maybe we could meet officially from 7:30 to 9:30, so that those who want to come early and still make the plenary could do so, and those who want to come a little later and get a little more sleep can also do so.

If you don’t already know me in real life (or haven’t figured it out), drop me an e-mail (see sidebar) and I’ll send you a picture so you’ll know which group has the bloggers in it.

To review: 7:30-9:30, Friday, May 11, at this place (the one with the picture at the top).

Comment here or send me an e-mail to let me know who definitely to expect. If it starts to get even bigger, we may have to go to a plan B.

Original Post:

Just wanted to let youse guys know I haven’t forgotten you. I’m going to tally up how many people (so far) have said they hope to be there and figure out what the best option is. I’ll replace this post with a substantive one tonight. It’s been a hectic last week of school, followed by a piratical visit and a tearful goodbye to Wiley. Sniff. He just left with the Pirate 20 minutes ago and already I miss him. His hair, on the other hand, is still here.

Anyway, more meet-up news later, probably tonight.

7 thoughts on “>K’zoo blogger meet-up update

  1. >I can be there! I hadn’t commented since the timing was all working out fine for me from everyone else’s comments and I’m open when it comes to venues.

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